Mum and Baby Class - a pilates/fitness class for new mums!


Our Mum and Baby class is a fun and interactive postnatal class with your baby (from 6 weeks to crawling confidently/walking).

For all new mums, this class is a MUST!  Working mainly through Pilates exercises to reverse the effects of pregnancy on your body, this exercise class will nurture your recovery after this life changing event.  Mums bring their babies along to exercise in this friendly class, working to improve their abdominal and pelvic floor strength as well as increasing their fitness levels after those 9 months of carrying baby.

These classes are designed with mums in mind, to be able to exercise with your child and to learn exercises that you can practice together at home.  Your little ones can enjoy the atmosphere, music and as they get a little older they will enjoy meeting the other babies in the room too. 

Some of the exercises actively involve your baby which is great for stimulation and bonding.  However, we also work whilst your baby is comfortably sitting or lying down so that you can really concentrate on getting it right.  Remember to bring a little drink for them and of course, their changing bag!  It is important that you are comfortable when you exercise, especially if you are breastfeeding, so make sure that you are wearing a supportive bra and bring a cushion and a drink.



Core Mobility Course - especially for you


The Core Mobility Course is suitable for everyone but perfect for those ladies with a Diastasis Recti and / or Pelvic Organ Prolapse when other exercise classes are simply just not right for you yet.  

Lisa runs semi-private Pilates sessions in 6 -7 week courses.  With each class limited to a maximum of just 4 people, she offers a safe environment to address your specific issues in a relaxed and familiar manner.

Each class is underpinned by the principles of mat Pilates to improve core strength, flexibility and balance.  Core breathing and pelvic floor integrative exercises form a fundamental starting point for each course.   with adaptations available for all exercises and movements to suit you individually.

Once on the course there are also opportunities for private posture analysis and exercise prescription.

This courses are supportive of anyone:

  • -          returning to fitness post-childbirth
  • -          recovering from Diastasis Recti
  • -          managing pelvic floor issues
  • -          undergoing rehabilitative therapy
  • -          with joint hypermobility





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